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Tech Tuesday

Through COVID, we’ve been continuing to think of ways to move our mission forward: exposing and training Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) interested in the data science industry, and their potential employers. As we do this we've been in contact with many of you as well as our local partners. One of our partners, HeartSmiles MD here in Baltimore City has been a wonderful avenue for this thinking and collaboration. During the pandemic, HeartSmiles has maintained its youth engagement through three popular weekly YouTube live sessions: Winning Wednesday, Thriving Thursday, and Focused Friday. We're excited to share that DataTrail will be collaborating with HeartSmiles to produce a new, once-monthly Tech Tuesday segment! We aim for these sessions to provide early exposure for young people excited about the field.

Speakers volunteer to sign up for one Tuesday where they'll join the DataTrail curriculum lead, Davon Person, along with two youth, also known as Heartbeats on YouTube Live from 6-7pm. The session will include a 35/40-minute presentation + 10/15-minute Q&A

To become a speaker email or message one of the following

  • Contact us on our website

  • Email:Dperson6@jh.edu

  • Message us on Instagram & Facebook @DataTrail

We plan to showcase a variety of speakers from across the nation, both career and newly-trained data science professionals.