Our mission

Our goal is to train the next generation of leaders in the Data Science field. We know that in order to do that, we must look at the whole person as they begin their Data Science journey. This means we must partner with DataTrail Scholars (people who are in our training program who take the courses in hopes of gaining a Completion Certificate), DataTrial Mentors (people who are already in the Data Science industry who are committed to helping DataTrail Scholars succeed), University Partners to provide tutoring and educational support, local Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to support both their personal and professional goals, and Hiring Partners who work with us to provide the first employment opportunity for our scholars.

We believe in an ecosystem approach to training and development. Whether it’s technical tutors, professional development, mental health support, budgeting training, we work hard to provide support or make referrals to supports that are essential for scholars to succeed. While our partners are working to provide support and advocacy services for the DataTrail Scholars, the DataTrail Scholars are working to gain the technical Data Science skills they need to be successful in this career field. Upon completion of the DataTrail program, the DataTrail scholars have the opportunity to give back to their community and work on Data Science projects that can benefit our partners that they worked with in the program. It reemphasizes the mantra that “we work better when we work together!” In DataTrail we are a community, we all need each other and have the opportunity to contribute to each other's success.