DataTrail mentors 

DataTrail mentors are data scientists in academia and industry who are committed to helping DataTrail scholars succeed in their training and into their careers in data science. They provide  technical support, advice,  and connections to people in their company and professional network. 

If you are data science mentor and are interested in helping in any capacity, we'd love to hear about your own career journey in our Data Science Stories survey:

Why is mentoring an important part of our program?

Technical skills are a critical part of getting into the data science industry. But they are only one small part of the process. To really move into a career you need people you can talk to and get help from. You need connections, support, and a professional network. Our mentors provide the support and connections that our scholars need to really make the transition from student to professional. 

What do DataTrail mentors do?

DataTrail mentors spend time meeting with our young people, talking about their experiences, answering both technical questions about courses, but also about the career. They provide support and advocate for their mentees. DataTrail mentors generally connect with their mentees both online through our project management platform but also through interactive video chats (and when conditions permit) in person meetings. 

What benefits do DataTrail mentors receive?

Mentors are screened through a multi-step process. Mentoring is not a major time commitment, but it is a major commitment to ensure the success of our young people and we are looking for mentors who are willing to learn the skills associated with mentoring and commit to long term success of our young people. Through the DataTrail mutually-intensive learning experience, mentors receive training in mentorship and anti-racism.  DataTrail mentors have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with young data scientists and foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive climate in the data science community. 

I'm interested in becoming a DataTrail mentor.  What do I do next?

We are currently running the DataTrail program in Baltimore, Maryland, but are interested in connecting with mentors both in the Baltimore area and beyond.  Please contact us about your interest in supporting our program in a mentoring capacity.