Interested in supporting the DataTrail program?

DataTrail is a non-profit program funded by donations to the program and course fees paid to access our courses on Leanpub. Scholars complete the DataTrail program at no cost; in fact, we provide stipends during the program and, if needed, an inexpensive laptop (approx. $500) so they can complete the program.

Your contribution will go toward providing training and laptops to our DataTrail scholars. A contribution of any amount will help enhance the impact and reach of our program. Specifically:

A donation of $100 can provide home internet access for one student during the period of the program.

A donation of $500 can buy a laptop for one learner.

A donation of $3,000 can provide virtual tutoring and a stipend for one scholar to complete the DataTrail program.

A donation of $15,000 we can provide virtual training and stipend for a cohort of 5 scholars to complete the DataTrail program.

Note: On the donation page, please select "Other" from the menu options for "Please designate my gift to support" and then enter "Cloud Based Data Science" in the available text box.