DataTrail scholars 

DataTrail scholars receive training in data science skills through an online program in data science.

What is data science and why is it important?

Data science in the process of using data to answer interesting questions.  Data science concerns the process of formulating a quantitative question that can be answered with data, collecting and cleaning the data, analyzing the data, and communicating the answer to the question to an audience. A data scientist can be involved with any part of this process.

Since companies use data everyday to answer questions and make decisions, they need access to people with data science skills.  This means there is a demand for data scientists in the workforce.  Basic data science skills are an asset for an employee in today's data-driven economy.

What do DataTrail scholars do?

DataTrail scholars complete a 14-week training program in data science that teaches basic data science skills.  This training program integrates two parts:

Upon completion of the training program, scholars will receive guidance and support while searching for data science jobs.

What benefits do DataTrail scholars receive?

In addition to the benefit of learning new skills, DataTrail scholars receive a Chromebook laptop computer at the beginning of the training program and a monetary stipend paid upon completion of program milestones.  After completing the program, scholars receive guidance and support while searching for data science jobs.

I'm interested in becoming a DataTrail scholar.  What do I do next?

We are currently running the DataTrail program in Baltimore, Maryland.  If you live in the Baltimore area and have your GED or high school degree, please fill out this form:

Apply to be a DataTrail scholar

Please contact us with any questions!