DataTrail is a no-cost, paid 14-week educational initiative for young-adult, high school and GED-graduates. DataTrail aims to equip members of underserved communities with the necessary skills and support required to work in the booming field of data science. 

DataTrail partners with local communities who are underrepresented in data science to provide educational and career opportunities. This generally means a focus on communities whose identities are predominantly Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). 

In partnership with local non-profits and Leanpub, DataTrail combines a mutually-intensive learning experience (MILE) with a whole-person ecosystem of support to allow aspiring data scientists and their employers to succeed.  

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DataTrail uses mutually-intensive learning

DataTrail joins aspiring data science scholars and expert-level data scientist mentors in a mutually-intensive learning experience (MILE).  

In the DataTrail MILE: 

The social connections created along the way will fuel job opportunities for scholars and foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive climate at the mentors' institutions.

DataTrail's ecosystem approach supports the whole person

DataTrail is a partnership between colleges and universities, for-profit companies, and non-profit community organizations.  A DataTrail scholar receives support from all three partners: